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Sponsors Needed

The Gifts From Jada Foundation (GFJF) welcomes and encourages new organizations to become sponsors of our annual Heal Yourself – ‘One Night Only’ event. For your contributions, you get the chance to reach an audience of over 10,000 people, in addition to other Sponsor perks.

There are several Sponsorship Opportunities available to you if you are looking to expand your business while making a difference in the world. Please view the Sponsorship Opportunities link below and decide what sponsorship model best suits you. If there are any concerns overlooked here, we encourage you to contact us for the exact information you are missing.

Our annual Heal Yourself – ‘One Night Only’ event cannot be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We are extremely grateful for those wanting to help in making this event possible!

Click here to view our Media Kit for Sponsorship Opportunities.

For more information you may Call Us at (844)JADA-999 or Email Us at: info@giftsfromjada.org

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