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Healing From The Death Of A Co-Worker

Dealing with the Death and Loss of a CO- WORKER

When someone you work with dies, you may be unsure of how to feel or act. How you grieve will depend largely upon your relationship with your co-worker. He or she may have been a very significant person in your life, especially if you worked closely with him or her. You may also feel vulnerable, frightened and depressed, especially if you are in the same age group as your co-worker. You may wonder whether you should attend your co-worker’s funeral, especially if you have not met his or her family before. Since funerals can serve as an important focus for your grief, and aid in healing, you may feel comforted by attending the service and your co-worker’s family may appreciate your presence.

Explain to the family that you worked with their loved one and how sorry you are for their loss. If you wish to share pleasant memories of the deceased, do so in writing or in person. If you are not comfortable attending the service, you may want to send a heartfelt card or make a donation in your co-worker’s name to provide some closure.

In loving memory of Jada Julissia Reynolds