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Heal Grief

What Is Grief

Grief is the natural reaction to loss. It is a strong, sometimes overwhelming emotion that is personal and individual, and every person experiences its nuances differently. Your personality, your support system, your natural coping mechanisms and many other things will determine how loss will affect you. There are no rules, no timetables, and no linear progression. Some people feel better after a few weeks or months, and for others it may take years. Experts advise those grieving to realize they can’t control the process and to prepare for varying stages of grief while allowing the process to unfold.

If you take nothing else from this section, please remember this: treat yourself with kindness, compassion and without judgment. You have the right to grieve, and no one, including yourself, can tell you when it’s time to end that process.

Here you will find some insights into the stages and symptoms of grief. We’ve also collected some advice from professionals about how to best get through the grieving process. We hope that the following information will help you reach a place in your process where, in spite of your grief, you are better able to function and live on a daily basis. Generally, pain is tempered as time passes and as the bereaved adapts to life without a loved one.

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