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Free Haircuts

Our Free Back-to-School community haircuts event was successful thanks to the owners and barbers at Headz Up Hair Studio, Guest

Grief Relief Fund

Grief Relief offers special funding for survivors of tragedy which resulted in the death of a loved one (immediate family

Art & Healing

In recent years there has been increased interest in the relationship between art and healing in the medical world. Art

Myths and Facts About Grief

Did You Know?
MYTH: The pain will go away faster if you ignore it.
Fact: Trying to ignore your pain or keep

Mother’s Day: A Happy & Sad Occasion

One Mother’s Day after another passes by since I lost my daughter in September 2006. It does not get easier

National Grief Awareness Day

National Grief Awareness Day started a petition to have a million signers join in the mission to raise grief awareness

Children Grief Awareness

What is Children’s Grief Awareness Day?
Created in 2008 by the Highmark Caring Place, A Center for Grieving Children, Adolescents and

Grief & The Holidays

“Holidays are time spent with loved ones” was imprinted on our psyche from a young age. Holidays mark the passage

In loving memory of Jada Julissia Reynolds